Executing the whoami command in the Linux Mint Xfce Terminal [photo: Henrik Hemrin]

Who am I? Ask the Command Line Interface! 

The Command Line Interface is a powerful tool available in computers, e.g. via a terminal window like above. It is generally less used by "ordinary" computer users like myself nowadays, than in the old days before windows existed (for example in the DOS-days). But I like to use it more in the future than I have done the last years. I am very far from an expert on command line commands. 

The language can be fun and straightforward. And sometimes a lot of abbreviations. The command "whoami" is very straightforward, to find out Who am I; the logged in identity. Apperently it's henrik this time... Normally whoami command is not one of the most useful in the toolbox, probably it can be more useful when you are working remotely and becomes uncertain. For sure, there has been a need for the command, that is why it exist.

Whenever you need more info about a command, type "man whoami"; man for manual.  

Bryan Lunduke recently wrote the fun article "Without a GUI--How to Live Entirely in a Terminal" in Linux Journal magazine.

This snapshot above is from my Linux Mint Xfce Terminal window. Same command is available in the macOS Terminal. I'm not sure if this command exist in Windows. 

Be brave and try the terminal and try commands!

Henrik Hemrin

21 August 2019

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