I say goodbye to my intelligent loudspeaker with its always ready to listen microphone before I leave my home. My indoor camera is connected and sees me.

I put my mobile phone in my pocket. Tracking options in its operating system and apps are turned on.

I take my modern connected car for a drive. To be sure, I also connect my mobile to the car system.

Then I take a short walk, passing a couple of surveillance cameras on my way to the underground, where I pay for the ride with my registered travel card.

I buy a coffee at the café with my credit card (after swiping my loyalty card in this shop). While waiting for the coffee, I browse a couple of web pages taking advantage of the free wifi.

Of course I update my whereabouts on social media and publish a selfie with geotagging.

Surveilled. Good or bad?

Henrik Hemrin

8 February 2020

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