My mobile, Apple iPhone 5s, makes it in the mobile pocket, but only without the case [photo: Henrik Hemrin]

Over many years, the mobile phones got smaller and smaller, it was a competition and sales argument how small it was. When mobiles became small enough, trousers and jackets got dedicated pockets for the mobile phones. 

Then phones got smarter and bigger again. 

This pair of trousers are some years old, 15 maybe, I don't remember. Almost new.

I currently have an Apple iPhone 5s. If I release it from its protective cover, it just fits into the pocket. In my opionion, 5s is a big phone, but in current market situation almost all phones are bigger. 

The pocket in those trousers reminds me of the mobile size evolution!

Apple iPhone 5s in my hand [photo: Henrik Hemrin]

Henrik Hemrin

16 july 2019

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