Yesterday did the first snow arrive at my home. It's only a thin layer, it's around zero so it has melted on the streets but the grass is still a bit white today. Earlier in the week I saw the first "Electrical Advent candles" (what's the english word) in the house opposite mine, although it's today a week to Advent.

Much can be said about Bush and his politics... but he arrived to China today and Sunday as it is, he went to a protestant church for the service- that was interesting. He also took a ride on a mountain bike.

I've tried to read this weeekend with some success mainly today. Finally it feels as I have passed the most hard and non-understandable parts of the book, now again it's more interesting. About females lifes, feminism, social justice, and universal values, written by Martha Nussbaum.


TODAY 20th of November 2005.


Tennis lane, Norsborg [Photo Henrik Hemrin]
A tennis lane... in Norsborg. Photo taken 1 Oct 2005.
TODAY 10th of November 2005.


The best news today was that Bjorn Carlsson donate 500 000 000 SEK (62 000 000 USD) for research to save the Baltic sea! A rich man... "want to give something back to use of the money when I'm dead..." Hurray! News in swedish

I've drinken another cup of fresh green chinese tea tonight, after my jogging before my studies. Still some left to enjoy, Coco!

TODAY 1st of November 2005.

I've just drunken fresh green chinese tea (thanks Coco!), and to that sporty bread with green tea in it... Green tea is it indeed today!
TODAY 30th of October 2005.


Two days ago I was at the Bob Dylan concert at the Globe arena in Stockholm. It was one of these great evenings. Stimulating to once again listening to this good musician. The sound was nice, the band played good together and Dylans voice was at least as good as ecpected. Although he has his for later time very typical way of phrasing his singing, the rythm. The arena was almost full. Every grain of sand was one of the very good songs this evening. As well as the famous Like a rolling stone. It is fun with the Dylan-websites, when I checked only two hours after the concert, the setlist was already published.

Today I'm on study leave, studying human rights and democracy.


TODAY 19th of October 2005.


The day after tomorrow will Bob Dylan be here in Stockholm, at the Globe arena! I will be there!

It has been a clear nice autumn day today. I have spent hours on school work.


TODAY 15th of October 2005.


Summer is over, autumn has started. A simple photo from this weekend in the south of Sweden.

TODAY 11th of October 2005.


Gothenborg [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

First week at work after vacation is done. I was really exhausted on Saturday morning, of work and leisure activities, and adjustment to have a schedule for the days.

On Thursday 18th I went together with some ex-work-mates to see the new-old ship Götheborg. It's a replica from a ship made 1738 in Stockholm. Impressing. For more info and better pictures: The east indiaman Götheborg

TODAY 21st August 2005.


Biking [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

Again, a photo from yesterday. Yesterday morning at the beginning of my ride to work, it starts with a 10 min ferry. Summer!

TODAY 6th July 2005.


Männö [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

Actually, this photo is from yesterday. In the evening, I took a a walk on Männö, an almost island in the lake Bornsjön a couple of km from my home. So close to the biggest city in Sweden, so deep green nature.

TODAY 26th June 2005.


Yesterday I read an article in the swedish magazine "Ordfront magasin" by Ola Wong about the very forceful rebuilding of many chinese cities. Where so much is bulldozed down for more modern buildings in the city centres, and those who lived there can often not afford to stay but have to leave for suburbs.
TODAY 13th June 2005.


Lamp [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

TODAY 30th May 2005.


It's Thursday and I'm home for study leave! I got my exam-questions yesterday in my course on Human rights in a globalized world. Five questions. A challenge! It's rainy outdoor, but it has really started to be warmer this week.
TODAY 26th May 2005.


Valborg [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

Valborg - a celebration of and tribute to spring!

TODAY 30th April 2005.


How many in the world are reel goodnatured humans in the respect they can give away material belongings of so much value it really matter for the own personal life, in favor for humans needing it more urgent? I have a theseis that very many, maybe most, will not but have an opinion that other [richer] should do it.

How can some humans be so raffinated egoistic so they do "everthing" that favor themself?

TODAY 23rd April 2005.


Spring flowers [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

Flowers last weekend.

TODAY 21st April 2005.


Still not working smoothly to update. Really cold winter day today, I am at home with a cold.

TODAY 2nd March 2005.


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