In summer 2023 I wrote the article OpenWrt Linux on my TP-link router

It is about my router TP-Link Archer MR200 version 1, with both wired and wireless router connections. I bought it in January 2017. I later upgraded its firmware to a 2018 release.

That 2018 release is still the latest, or I can now in reality say, last firmware release of the TP-Link operating system for ths router.

So in summer 2023 I flashed and changed operating system to the open source Linux based operating system OpenWRT. My router was fit for the latest release of OpenWRT: 22.03.05, which had been released 1 May 2023. Since then, there has been a few upgrades I have not installed.

A coulpe of days ago I flased to OpenWRT 23.05.3, released 25 March 2024. This is the latest stable release of OpenWRT.

So my now more than seven years old router has a maintained firmware, operating system, it can manage the latest OpenWRT stable release!

What I still have to figure out is how I should manage my switch-router tandem architecture. I contacted the ISP provider last autumn for information about their fibre switch without any response. Now I have digged more into the issue and sent new questions to the ISP. I hope they soon will come back with information and a possibility for me to login to the fibre switch. That fibre switch has automatic fw upgrades, but I have no information about when it is upgraded. I believe with some configuration changes in the fibre switch my tandem setup will work flawlessly, although it already now works well for the daily tasks.

Henrik Hemrin
23 May 2024

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