Some months ago, I installed Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon on this laptop, as I described in Installation of Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon. After playing for a while, I reinstalled but without encryption. Now, about a week ago, I really want to use this laptop for real. To start with focus on photography and "ordinary things". But I will wait until I e.g. migrate all data.

Linux Mint is very fast and simple to install as long as default options are chosen. But when going for any alternative, it is more complex to understand. The installer and the installation guide does not explain so much.

I have the encrypted hard disc version with LVM installed on another laptop since a long time and it works well. So, time for a new fresh installation!

Before I can select to encrypt the hard drive, I must select I want either LVM (Logical Volume Manager) or ZFS, a file system with volume management capabilities. One of those can be selected, and with or without encryption. I have heard about ZFS and it seems interesting. But I really do not know what it means practically when I select ZFS or LVM. Because I know LVM works for me, and I want to come to a decision point, I decided to choose LVM.

When I in the installer select LVM/ZFS, I cannot at the same time select to manage partitions. So eg I cannot at the same time select to make a separate partition for the home catalog or create a swap partition with my own settings. I am still not sure if I can do it afterwards. I am sure I can find the answers in Linux Mint documentation and forums or other resources. But I leave it for now.

A strange thing in the installation process, is that although I have selected encryption of the entire hard drive, I can also select encryption of my home catalog. I am pretty sure it is unnecessary, but I wonder what happens when I have encryption selected twice.

The installation process went smoothly also this time, and not many minutes. Many packages to update after, but that also went rather effortless.

Now it is time to configure my settings as well as install other programs I want. More about that later. And eventually also more about what the advanced options really means later.

Henrik Hemrin

13 November 2022

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