When will products be labelled as tracking free?

So much software is tracking us.

Sometimes, it is possible to turn off or reduce some of the tracking. Sometimes not possible. Web sites have cookies and other methods to learn who you are, what system you use, which other web sites you have visited and so on. We basically have to agree to it, if we want to visit the site. And a lot of mobile apps asks for many tracking permissions. Hardware, not only computers, tablets and phones but e.g. Internet of Things are tracking and monitoring. 

Browsers have privacy settings. Mobile phones have privacy settings. As well as many softwares. But still you cannot avoid all of it, even if you work hard. 

Sometimes there are market alternatives with no or less tracking. In general products based on free and open source softwares (FOSS) have less mandatory tracking, I believe. But also commercial products can be less or not at all intrusive in my privacy. 

More concern and awareness seems to come to general public about how much I give away about myself.

Maybe it will be a competitive advantage to establish a product as tracking free? Will it come a day when those kind of products will have a stamp like above, tracking free?

Henrik Hemrin

28 February 2020

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