Do you use a Password manager? I do! When I started to use a Password manager, I wrote down my story why I started to use a Password manager in How I handle Passwords. I still use 1Password as my handler. Several other software tools exists, but so far I am happy to stay with 1Password. 

Now to my tip of the day. I think it was in one of the episodes of their podcast Random but Memorable, I got the tip or idea for the solution originally. 

With the Password manager I have a good overview of all my registrations. They are many! They are more than I thought I had before I started to use a Password manager. I try to close accounts for e.g. websites when I do not need or want that service anymore. When I obsolete an account (or for that matter any other type of object I keep in my Password manager), I can simply move it into waste bin, or just keep it where it is with a note added. 

But there is a better way for me to keep may Password manager clean and tidy and still keep access obsolete objects: Create another vault. 

So, I have created a new additional vault I gave the name "Inactive" in my 1Password account. It is super duper easy to create an additional vault (and no additional cost).

In this "Inactive" vault I keep the  obsolete objects which I still want to have a traceability of. Now I can find that obsolete object and know "Yes, I had a registration at that shop earlier", because it is in the Inactive vault. But it does not blur my list of active objects in my normal vault(s). And I can empty the waste bin as well. 

So, tip of the day - for me it helps with an additional vault for Inactive objects!

Henrik Hemrin

31 July 2020

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